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We are at your service

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    KBN Attorneys and solicitors(lawyers) is a law firm whose all members believe in the efficiency of team work. Resort to an attorney is always necessary to advise you, assist you and defend your interest. A group of attorneys and solicitors ensures you, moreover, the accuracy of the action you need thanks to the plurality of ideas of its member.
    Our firm is located at Tunis and has the vocation to plead involvement over the whole Tunisian territory. KBN Attorneys and Solicitors is a general practioner and it is mostly involved in matter of Business Law and International Private Law.
    Our firm puts at your service the knowledge, the competency and the professional experience of its three constituent members to provide you advice, guidance and support in all your business transactions whether on domestic or on international levels, all that without omitting the contribution and researches provided by consultants, collaborators and trainees who complement the competency of the attorney being in charge of the matter.
    KBN Attorneys and Solicitors(lawyers) talks to you in your mother Language, whether you are an English, an Arabic or a French speaker.
    Welcome to our website intended to facilitate you the task of better knowing our firm and the services it offers you.


  • Labor law

    Labor law

    Our firm proposes you
    - A customized study of your file
    - Law advice
    - Drafting of labor contracts and correspondence;
    - Follow-up of litigation ratters of your file before industrial courts.
    We are also at your side whenever should you be facing any of the following matters:
    - Enforcement of a collective labor agreement;
    - Termination of a labor relationship;
    - Any negotiation
    - Any compromise

  • Ground Law

    Ground Law

    - Drafting of sales and estate division contacts
    - Registration of estates and updating of frozen land bonds.
    - Estate disputes

  • Legal audit

    Legal audit

    -First objective of the legal audit: is to verify the rights attached to the securities acquired
    -Second objective of the legal audit: to verify the origin of ownership of the transferred securities
    -Third objective of the legal audit: analyze the future impact of the company's contracts and commitments
    At any time or with a view to the purchase or sale of a company or branch of a company, we intervene to audit the organization and contracts of the company from the legal point of view
    In order to be able to give you a complete report corresponding to your expectations, when the audit becomes multidisciplinary, we work in close collaboration with the other professions of the law and the council: Notaries, Agents, Accountants and others.

  • Business Law

    Business Law

    - Incorporation and amendment of articles of association of companies and law follow-up thereof.
    - Establishment of Tunisian or foreign partially or fully-exporting companies
    - Drafting of deeds: sales, assignment, lease (estates, goodwills)

  • Mercantile Law

    Mercantile Law

    - Commercial contracts, recovery of commercial debts (payment notices, injunctions, challenges, provision chambers payment orders) commercial disputes before Courts, court-ordered surveys, commercial leases..

  • Relocation of corporations

    Relocation of corporations

    - our firm is able to ensure success of your set-up in Tunisia, by accompanying you in an efficient and responsive way in all steps of your project, in cooperation with the consultancy and broking firm in corporate estate issues.

  • Criminal law

    Criminal law

  • Business criminal law

    Business criminal law

  • Insurance law

    Insurance law

  • Administrative law

    Administrative law

  • Family law

    Family law

  • Tax Disputes

    Tax Disputes

  • Transnational trade

    Transnational trade

  • Internal Private Law

    Internal Private Law

  • Banking law

    Banking law


Attorney Olfa Ben Abdelhafidh

Lawyer at the Court of Cassation

• Bachelor’s degree in law, major: Judicial Law, Tunis Faculty of Law and Political Science,1995.
• Diploma in Law English, from American Community Languages, New York,1997.
• Master’s Degree in Common Law, Tunis Faculty of Law and Political Science, 2003.
• Legal Advisor of Tunisie Cables Group (One- Tech Group) for 7 years.
• Former university teacher at E.L.T (in European Business Law).
• Now attorney member of Tunis Bar Association.
• End- of – Training Work Paper in business Criminal law, bankruptcy- related crimes.
• Language Proficiency: Arabic, French, English.

Attorney Khaled Kouki

Lawyer at the Court of Cassation since 2008.

• Bachelor’s degree in law, major: International Relations, Casablanca Faculty of Law, 1994.
• Master’s Degree in european Law and Magreg Europe/ Europe Relations Tunis, Faculty of Law,Political and Social Science, 1997.
• Member of Tunis Bar Association since November 1997.
• End – of- Training Work Paper in Ground Law: “Updating of frozen land bonds”.
• Language Proficiency: Arabic, French, English.


Tunisia makes part of a free trade zone with the European Union by virtue of the Partnership Agreement executed between both parties in 1995.
        Investment in Tunisia allows to benefit from the advantages of that zone, as well as from advantages granted to foreign investors, as provided by the Investment Encouragement Code.

  • cabinet
    Exemption from corporate tax for 10 years, 50% reduction of tax basis as from the 11th years for an unlimited duration,
  • 201510231024381.InversionistaNotabancocentr
    Exemption from employer’s
    levies and charges,
  • cabinet d'avocats spécialisé aux droits des affaires

    Full exemption from taxes and duties on fitting equipment, including the transportation equipment

  • rawpixel-com-565456-unsplash

    -Exemption from employer’s levies and charges
    -Exemption from registration fees,.

Our firm offers you advice for set-up in Tunisia, in law and tax matters (assistance in relocation or multiple locations of foreign corporations).
Our firm provides assistance to investors in all their legal and administrative actionswith the competent administrations in Tunisia.


Adress :Building Luxor II 1st floor ,Montplaisir Tunis.
TEL :(+216) 71 950286 / 71 950297 / 71.901.360 / GSM (+216) 98 361 084
FAX : (+216) 71 950286 .
E-MAIL : contact@kbnavocats.com